When everyone knows how well the plant is running – it runs better.   ei3 makes that possible by providing scorecards and dashboards that display OEE and other key metrics, giving stakeholders actionable insight into operations.  Predictive solutions can be applied to machine operations, quality and maintenance to further increase asset utilization.

Things we do to improve Asset Utilization

production reporting


OEE portal uses established best practices and standards to compute Operational Equipment Effectiveness for all types of processes including continuous, batch and work cells.  The resulting numbers are displayed on web pages, dashboards, reports and mobile apps.

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Ei3 Downtime Tracking


What’s the best way to improve uptime?
Find the largest cause of correctable downtime – and correct it.  It’s a powerful tool to help achieve maximum uptime.

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Engage your team by installing an Andon Display Board and follow this popular Lean Manufacturing Best Practice.  Display the production of equipment to encourage higher participation from machine operators.

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portrait of industrial engineer in front of computerized machinery


Use Big Data methods to learn the conditions that cause things to go wrong for a machine.  We model the conditions with real time alerts to help avoid unplanned downtime.

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