It’s about having the data where we need it when we need to make a decision instead of trying to remember, or looking through paper documents, or going off tribal knowledge passed down from person to person. Now we have definitive answers about what we did last time, which paves the way to repeatable success.

<b>Lee Blythe,</b> Senior Process Engineer at APC

ei3 paves the way for new applications to support preemptive part stocking modules and expanded lifetime-tracking for mold, tooling and auxiliary components.


We are pleased to partner with ei3, who enables us to deliver IoT services at the highest quality with a high level of compliance and IT security for our customers.

<b>Uwe Rothaug,</b> Managing Director at Kurtz Ersa

The machine operators are now fully aware of their OEE on a real-time basis and we have seen a steady and measured improvement in all three components of OEE. The number one improvement has been machine availability.

Drew Mullinnix, Frankston Packaging

We’re taking the best of IoT and other connectivity enhancements and integrating them into our product portfolio.

Milacron CTO – Bruce Catoen