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Proven Steps to Build an IoT Business

IoT Platform Solution

ei3 delivers s a complete end-to-end IoT-as-a-Service that starts at your machine controllers and provides everything needed to deliver actionable insights.  

Brand Label

Machine builders add their brand, logos and colors to ei3’s multi-tenant platform and provide it to their global install base.   

Operate with Insight

Manufacturers deploy ei3‘s IoT solutions on their shop floor to increase asset utilization, save energy and improve quality.  

Achieve IoT Benefits

ei3 provides the easiest way to reap benefits from the IoT.

IoT Service Benefits

IoT Analytics Benefits

Here are some of the companies that use ei3's IoT solutions:


Since 2004. Connecting technicians to machines around the world.    


Since 2012. IoT for Injection Molding


Since 2001. LightStay track energy and sustainability.

Durr Megtec

Since 2014 IoT maintenance solutions.

Pro Mach

Since 2015. ProTech, a full line of IoT services.


Since 2004.  Making higher quality packages.


Since 2008. Monitoring flexible materials production.


Since 2003. Service and monitoring solutions.

Klockner Barrier Films

Since 2001.  Recipe, quality, and monitoring medical packaging.


Since 2016. White-label OEM IoT Solutions.


Since 2009. PACE & Energy Improvement Financing.

Paperworks Industries

Since 2014. OEE & production monitoring.

Our IoT line up includes

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