Save energy across large portfolios by using big data to normalize consumption and make improvements where it holds the best return on investment.  ei3 helps you do that by providing tools to acquire data, apply advanced normalization methods and trigger alerts.  We also provide financial calculators that enable ROI analysis to maximize your energy improvement investments.

These ei3 tools help global enterprises reduce energy consumption

Measurement & Verification

Once the energy  improvement is completed, you want to know if you are getting the ROI promised.  Our Measurement & Verification technique does automatic normalization for weather, usage, products made to get to the bottom line of true savings.

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Predictive Alerting

Measuring utility consumption and normalizing for weather, usage, production made and other factors enables accurate and timely alerts to be dispatched.

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Financal Analyzer

We provide a full suite of financial calculators to analyze energy improvements.  By using normalized baselines for utility consumption you can make decisions based on the expected ROI – independent of recent weather conditions.

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Portfolio Benchmarking

By using normalized values we help you understand the energy profile of your portfolio of assets.   By highlighting your exceptional properties you improve the worst by learning from the best.

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