Work with an independent IoT
cloud solution dedicated to your
success as System Integrator

ei3 will never compete with SIs

Huge corporations are happy to sell un-managed cloud solutions that only connect to the latest equipment and protocols. You can use ei3's managed secure network to connect to old, new and future machines from any vendor.

See how ei3 can be incorporated into your existing
support solution or become a cornerstone IoT strategy.

Increase monthly revenue
with no code IoT and a
secure private cloud

Everything you need to support OEMs better

ei3 delivers a business in a box for you to deliver the remote professional services of your top talent to your customers using secure connectivity - and get paid for helping your customers reduce their downtime.

Get the hardware, software, and documentation you need for a valuable monthly service offering.

The perfect solution for you
and your IT and OT clients

Built so everybody wins

Secure managed network for secure collaboration

Which machine can be serviced by who, and when? With our secure managed network and firewall designed for the needs of manufacturers, you can setup the access that reflects the OEM’s needs.

Grant granular access to their staff, your staff, and technicians for the right machines, facilities, and times.

No code IoT for fast, out-of-the-box success

If you plan to help your clients get into the game of failure prediction, you’ll need to wrangle the data. But you never need to code anything to collect or view the data from connected machines.

Documentation and training guides

We’ve built extensive training materials to make setup easy for your team and for the OEM staff that you work closely with.

Get results for you and your clients

Our IoT solution helps you...

Grow your business

Your on-the-ground capacity is no longer a cap on how many clients you can serve.

Reduce travel expenses

Fix machines and systems without sending your people out into the field.

Provide better support

Keep your monthly clients happy with immediate responses to their pressing needs.

Maintain trust

We prioritize security and client trust more than any big corp cloud provider ever could.