1 ei3 security devices connect the control systems of your machines to the Internet of Things.   In most cases everything you want to measure is already available from the controllers.  Our solution speaks the language of more than 100 of the most common industrial protocols and data buses so we can get that data out of the machine and into the cloud.

Managed Secure Network

2 Network security is of paramount importance.  Powerful industrial machines need to be protected from unwanted access.  ei3 brings years of experience to the design, delivery and maintenance of its secure network to provide you with the assurance that your machine, devices and network will be maintained private and secure.


3ei3‘s private cloud delivers the performance you need to harness the IoT for your machines.  Data is collected, processed, and analyzed upon arrival to determine if machines are operating within maintenance and quality limits.  If things are trending out of control, predictive alerts are dispatched to avoid unplanned downtime and waste.


4Native mobile apps, web pages, dashboards, reports and a fully featured API deliver actionable insights to your people and systems.   Key Performance Indicators from established best practices are used to provide a clear view of operations so that actions can be taken to achieve maximum effectiveness.