Reduce downtime by connecting the right person to equipment.

ei3‘s world-class service solution provides reliable and secure access for technicians to connect to machine controllers.  Professional service activities are monitored, captured and logged to provide audit trail reports.   Equipment warranty and start-up costs are reduced and remote-enabled service contracts open up new forms of business.

ei3 solutions for Service & Aftermarket of machines

Control Access

ei3’s access control solution maintains security.  It’s a fully featured platform with user management, device management and network management features.  A white-labeled solution that’s branded with the identity of the machine builder that is providing the services.

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Security Devices

To enable secure access control and data collection, ei3 provides a complete product line of high-performance, secure, and reliable industrial networking devices.  These hardware appliances serve as the gateway to connect machines and devices to ei3’s global secure managed network.  

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Augmented Reality

Put the power of Augmented Reality to work and achieve an unprecedented level of service cooperation .  Remote and local technicians work more closely together by seeing and hearing the same things. 

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Predictive Spare Parts

Tracking machine performance to determine part wear drives optimal replacement and results in less unplanned downtime and lower spare part inventory requirements .  Predictive maintenance based on actual machine operation reduces unplanned downtime and saves inventory costs. 

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